12 August 2008

The Dark Creature

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There is a dark creature that lives in the homes of all young families. Many will deny it's very existence, or perhaps that this creature is even lurking in the corners of their homes. Children (especially young boys 8 or 9 years in age in particular)

Know how to summon this nasty beast, and while they don't really want it to come forth cannot help but to begin to summon it, to taunt it. The adrenaline they feel as they begin to provoke this frightening beast fills their very souls with glee, however they are very careful that they leave the creature alone before it comes to attack. Now let me ask this... Do you know this beast?

It has a name so familiar, we all know it. It's name is...The angry mother. She doesn't come out often but when she does there is no mistaking it. Fear fills all those around for there is nothing like the tone of the angry mothers voice or the wild look of her eye. Children flee from this wild beast for they know nothing good could come to them when this monster emerges.

Yes this monster emerged in my own home last night. I awoke at 3:30am to the wild running and playing of children through-out my home and the creature emerged, it was a very tired angry mother.

A mother that has felt very tired and run down, a mother who is working 6 days in a row this week, a mother who struggles falling asleep, and who was unable to get back to sleep. Yes there was a raising of the voice and a wild look and children running with a fear in their eye to the safety of their beds where they remained until this very tired mother needed to leave for work.

Because of this incident a new rule in my home has been instituted for every ones safety. The children must remain warm in their beds until at least 5am so as not to waken the beast!
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JP Shaw said...

omg that is hilarious! I think I would have cried bloody murder if my children got up at that time to play. There would have been bloodshed, screaming and yes wild looks of disgust!

You are so funny.

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