06 July 2009

A New Promising Shoe...

OK I have a confession to make. This is my dirty little secret... I have turned to the Internet for dating. A little site you may have heard of called Plenty Of Fish actually introduced or I guess

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re-introduced me to my date tonight.

Yes all my faithful followers I just got home from a date and one of the first things I am doing is running to you to tell you all the juicy details! Don't you feel special now? Well you should.

So I innocently went an checked my mail on June 20th and this is what I found:

From: the shoe Subject: Hi
Sent Date: 6/20/2009 10:13:25 PM

Ok I am not dropping the worst pick up line ever I am honestly asking. Do I know you?

I wasn't quite sure what to make of this so I went to check out his profile which read as follows (Don't you absolutely love that I'm telling you this?)

the shoe : redonkulous its a word look it up
City (sorry taking this out)
Sign: Virgo
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)
Age: 31 year old Man
Ethnicity: Caucasian with Brown hair
Body Type: A Few Extra Pounds
Religion: Non-Religious

I am Seeking a Woman For Long term
Do you drink?Socially
Marital Status Single
Profession drywall supervisor
Smarts Some college
Do you want children?Yes
Do you do drugs?No
Do you have children? No
Do you have a car? Yes

the scent of a women
ice cold beer on a hot day

About Me

I am out of options

grocery store... come on noone hits on somebody buying the jumbo pack of toilet paper

bar... drunken twinkies and roid monkees enough said

church... I am afraid of spontaneous combustion

gym... waaaaayyyyyy to much spandexwork...

I am in constuction the hottest girl on site is named wayne

So here I am joining the on-line dating world...I find myself wondering what women want??? I hear alot that you are looking for that guy who can make you laugh so hard a couple drops of pee come out and he has to be romantic, sensitive but a manly man, know how to fix things, is creative and passionate, is happy, no baggage, is fully employed, a kid at heart but still knows when to act responsible, doesnt live with mommy and daddy, is a gentlemen, a great kisser... well ladies if that is what you truly want I want to let you know here I am. Lets see... what am I looking for???? I dont know exactly, I guess it would be someone I just click with but I do know she has to be light hearted and funny, likes to cuddle and loves to be adored. Someone who doesnt mind getting teased and can dish it out too. So if this sounds like you and you think we might hit it off then I hope you get in touch with me. Hope to hear from you soon!!

Funny right? So what choice do I have I am not going to be rude I'm going to answer him. Now if you read my other shoe post you will know that same spiritual beliefs is a must. It's really my only must and I know he's not on the same page with me exactly (or at all lets face it if he's afraid of spontaneous combustion...)But he's kinda cute.

Abb. isn't exactly the largest city. I can't think of from where you might recognize me. Based on ur profile it's not from church lol. Did you go to school here? I went to Abby. -J

See nothing spectacular so here is our conversation progression in messages sent through POF:

Yes I went to Abby too. My name is B.F. (Not using real names remember)

Wow that sounds really familiar but honestly I can't quite place you....

Were you in acting or script writing

Acting, directing & scriptwriting, as well as tv & film. Wow am I going to feel bad if you tell me we took directing together since there were only like 5 students in the class lol. But I bet you look a lot different now.

I was in it but I think it was different classes. But I think we might have had mutual friends. J John?

Lol ya. J is on my fb. small world hu? I'm amazed you recognized me!

Great with faces bad with names. So how have you been?

Since high school? ummm mostly good lol. life has a way of keeping you on your toes. how about u?

I've been great. So how do you like this crazy Lil site?

sorry I didn't get back to you. I haven't really met a lot of people fro here, mostly because initial e-mails have not gone well. But it's interesting right? how have you been finding this site?

Ya I have found alot of lets just say different people on here!! I am actually just recently gotten back on this site after a year away.

And since you have been back has it been any better?

Well to be honest I'm taking things slower this go round but there still are alot of colorful people on here. Have you met anyone yet?

Well to be honest I did meet this one guy, super sweet, but when it came down to there was absolutely no chemistry. So I figure I'll keep plugging away, I'm sure there is more than one nice guy on here and maybe I'll have more of a spark with the next one. So did you look me up in the yearbook? (He's another blog post altogether, I'll tell you about it another night lol)

No I didn't. To be honest I don't even know where my book is. Did I have the honor of you looking me up? I think there are one or two more sweet guys on here;)

One or two more sweet guys? Tell me where I'd love to meet one lol. I didn't bother getting a yearbook so I couldn't look you up sadly thought the thought crossed my mind....

Ouch!! Here I thought I was one of the sweet guys!! Well instead of looking me up in our old year books why don't you ask me anything you want to know and I will answer honestly. What are your plans for the week? ( I know what you are thinking he's about to say...)

Ya you totally missed what I was saying lol. Not one for reading between lines are you. lol that's ok I won't hold it against you.

My plans for the week? Ummm since I was just laid off work I'm thinking I'm pretty open. Going to see a chick flick tomorrow with a friend but that is about it. What about you any big plans?

Yes I caught it!! I was trying to be cute I guess I need to try harder. Well I have to work all week but the only big plans I was thinking of was taking you to dinner.

That sounds good, but aren't we supposed to start with the customary non committal coffee LMAO (ya in retrospect maybe should have just graciously accepted....)

So does that mean you don't want to get married? I already rented the tux!! Would you like to move this to the phone?

555-555-5555 these r my digits use them wisely

Not sure if you want me to call right now but here is my number 555-555-5555. I would feel bad if I called and woke up your little ones.

ohhhhh I just looked at the time I gotta get some sleep, I'll call u tomorrow? After kids r sleeping. (it was 2:00am and I did have kids to get up with. Gets worse folks, I forgot to call)

Sounds good. Have a great sleep.

So I was thinking it's a shame we haven't managed to connect yet. So I believe one of us should take that first step and dial the phone #. Hmmmmmmmm, which one of us should do that?

I know can we say passive / aggressive? Well he seemed to enjoy this little chat because he did call me right away and we talked for 2 hours. And then...... nothing. I know right? Totally expecting him to come out with the what are you doing Friday thing but no.

Total disappointment. But wait! a series of text messages started to arrive a few days later. Nothing big again with the what are your plans this week followed by nothing. He still didn't have the courage to ask me out.

I had put the signals out there clearly so what was I to do? After discussing it with my girls JP and Sparkee ( yes they are my real life friends not just blogging buddies) it was decided that he needs to do the chasing and if he didn't ever ask me out well oh well.

Imagine today sitting at the beach with your peeps (yes I said peeps) when the texting once again begins. This time he did it. after about a dozen texts he finally texted me a dinner invitation. So much for the standard non-committal coffee.

So I agreed. Sparkee agreed to watch my kiddos and I met him at The Duke of Dublin, a little pub around the corner from where I live.

What a gentleman! Ladies chivalry is not dead. He opened the doors for me suggest a wine for dinner, all kinds of good stuff. There was none of this nonsense that goes on too much about oh I wanna jump you right here and now.

Honestly he was sweet and kept the conversation appropriate and oh my gosh here's the kicker.... He didn't just talk about himself all night, but he asked me questions and listened to what I had to say.

I know it's nothing short of a miracle.

He didn't even try to hold my hand over dinner, there was no hands across America feely stuff. I think he was a little nervous which made him a little cuter.

Don't worry there was a very nice toe curling, knee bending, butterflies all kinds of places, passionate kiss at the end of the evening. Whoa! Totally took me by surprise; by the way he had been all night I was thinking it was gonna be a hug and kiss on the cheek kind of goodbye.

Ya so I am going out with him again next week. Don't worry I will share all the juicy details with you as they happen!

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Krystyl said...

OH! does he ever sound cuuute!
lol - this was a great little story (you're a fantastic blogger)
Can;t wait to hear morea bout this guy!
-Krystyl >.0

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