03 July 2009

Why The Shoeless Mommy?

Wow I'm blogging! I honestly never thought I would be a blogger, had you asked me even a few weeks ago I would have said there was no way. But when your bff and next door neighbour is J.P. Shaw of Rants n Rascals and you find yourself the centre of a number of blogs (I am the bathroom bandit from her blog) what other choice would you have? So here I am a

Women's sandals.Image via Wikipedia

gainst all odds, blogging.

I know you are all dying to find out why I am the shoeless mommy. Well I'm a single mom of some absolutely amazing kids and about a year ago I was dating 3 very very different men when it dawned on me... men are like shoes. Yes I said it men are like shoes. Wanna know why? Well I'm gonna tell you anyway.

M. as we will call him was slippers, come on girls you know the type, really comfortable but there is no magic with slippers. Then there was B. wow what a man he was. Honestly though he was my sandals because really only good for summer. Then there was J. Ohhhh J., J. was my designer stilettos. Totally hot, happy to be seen with him, but left my feet with blisters. Not exactly the kind of shoe a girl could wear for a long time. Since then I have met many different shoes like thongs (not much to them), ballet slippers (cute but offer no support), and the worst gumboots (not very revealing and covered in ummm crap, ya that's the word I was thinking).

All I really want is a pair of sneakers. You know the kind of shoe that is part of your everyday. You love your sneakers and they are good to your feet. Your sneakers give you the support you need and you are always happy to wear them out.

So you can come along and join me on my hunt for sneakers and in my everyday quirky life as a single mom. I hope you can get a few laughs along the way, and maybe a few tears too.

Welcome to the life of The Shoeless Mom.


JP Shaw said...

Totally shoeless yes but totally terrific! Wonderful start to your blog hun. I can't wait to keep reading.

Krystyl said...

Yeah, this is a terrific way to start off your blog with a 'bang' :)
Also, well, it's brilliant!

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