17 August 2009

The Maple Leaf has Meaning

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Do you know the meaning of the Maple Leaf on the Canadian flag? I have to admit I had no idea until just yesterday.

Saturday I had planned to attend The Cry in Vancouver, but didn't end up going at the thought of going with 2 kids. I know it's a bad excuse but there wasn't supposed to be any parking there which would have meant parking else where and then carrying everything I would need for the day with 2 kids in tow to Lumberman's arch.

So instead I watched it online on Sunday in the comforts of my own home.

You should know I like to double check my facts and this one really does pan out. The Maple Leaf is a representation of Healers. We, as Canadians, are called to be healers of the nations.

Neat Eh?

The flag was officially adopted in 1965, on February 15Th. At the inauguration ceremony His Excellency,the right honourable, Georges P. Vanier D.S.O., M.C., C.D.,Governor General of Canada (what a moniker!) Said this:

I hope and pray... that our flag will symbolize to each of us and the world, the unity of purpose and high resolve to which destiny beckons us

Our Flag
(February 15, 1965)
"The leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations"
-Revelations 22:2

A new leaf burgeons high
on the Canadian sky;
A banner red and strange
Waves in the winds of change

God use our maple leaf
to heal the nations grief;
A cordial flame unfurled
To cheer a forlorn world
-Hume Wilkins

I don't expect this to be something that changes anything in my ordinary life but it is interesting. The only real thing I could see this impacting is perhaps my prayer life. A bit of intercession on behalf of the nations.


sparkee said...

interesting....I never did pay too much attention in Social Studies...lmao.... anyhoo...I really enjoy reading your stuff. Love ya

JP Shaw said...

Wow you are chalk full of USEFUL information heh heh. I did not know that about our flag but that is cool.

Keep up the good work on your blog, it's cool and I'm so glad you started one. You have lots of interesting things to share about life, love, shoes, and flags... lol !

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