06 July 2009

My Brother & My BFF?

bff, wil and tawyna, brotherImage by JP @ Rants n' Rascals via Flickr

Has your brother ever gone out with one of your BFF's?

Recently Sparkee started dating my brother and I couldn't be more happy for them. Really they are the perfect couple! Imagine the kind of couple that personality wise are so similar they already felt completely natural around each other. None of this oh does he like me? or does he think I'm some sort of psycho killer because of my humour kind of thing. No they are both so funny you almost pee kinda people.

The thing is you know how girlfriends talk? Ummmm dude that's my brother.

So Sparkee and I were driving in my car one day and she looks at me and says, "Can I talk to you as a friend right now and not as his sister?"

"OK but you have to call him Will"

There was a fear in the pit of my stomach that she was going to tell me things that NO SISTER SHOULD EVER KNOW about her brother.

Calling him Will is what prevents me from sitting up in the middle of the night screaming, "NOOOOO! That's my brother you are talking about!"

So why didn't they ever use that as a story line in friends? Seriously maybe I could have picked up some coping tools.

Honestly I couldn't be happier for them, I love them both to bits.

I hope he's her sneakers.
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1 comment:

sparkee said...

OMG.....that was soooo hilarious hun!!! And you nailed the way the whole thing went down too....thats why I laughed so hard when I read it. Yes I REALLY like Wil...I hope hes my sneakers too...I feel so amazingly warm and comfortable and loved when Im with him. Things are a bit rough at times...as you can see from my blog, but Im a crazy nut at times, and some of his friends are not too easily letting him go. I love you doll..friends always

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