29 July 2009

My Brain is Melting

I am afraid my brain is going into shut down mode.

Have you ever gotten to that point? You know where you are stressed about a thousand different things that you loose the ability to prioritize what needs to get done to get to the other side?

I was laid off from work in May. Restructuring gotta love it. I figured hey I'll be alright I have a bit of money n the bank and I will get Employment insurance, not only that but it looks like there is this other job I kind of have lined up. Oh and if I don't get the job even better because then I will qualify for the government to pay for me to go back to school.

So I have been a busy girl. Job interviews, various appointments for funding, there has not been a shortage of things to do.

After waiting for my ei claim to go through I got the word that my claim was denied. Not only that but the job decided to go through a job creation program meaning I would have to be on ei in order to work for them.

So my hopes of school, job, and any kind of income were eliminated. How could this be possible? Well it turns out the company that laid me off filled in my ROE wrong!

OK we are all human we make mistakes. I requested an amended roe and figured OK at least I know what the problem is maybe not all is lost now.

The amended ROE was also incorrect. Can you believe it?

This time though I was smart! I didn't take my kids to daycare, I brought them with me down to Service Canada and looked them in the eyes and said my rent is due next week and these kids need to be fed. If that wasn't enough I told them if it didn't go through I was going to miss out on a job opportunity.

I got a phone call like the next day telling me they called my former employer got the correct information and will be processing a cheque for me in the next few days.

Thank God!

All this time I have been jumping through major hoops to try to get funding to go back to school. I don't want to just take a job without the training I need to be effective. Especially in the field of work.

Can you imagine a community outreach worker with no training. It's like a license to screw people up even more than they already are. lol

One of the hoops I had to do today was write a test. It has something to do with how well you learn, I guess the government wants to know if they are going to give over $20,000 that you are going to be successful, go figure. So I either did exceptionally well or completely bombed it lol. It was supposed to be a 3 hour test and I was done in an hour. Well we will see I get the results back next week.

Just based on the time lines I may not get that job because they have been waiting for so long. While I don't want to burn any bridges with them, after finding how much they pay that position I'm not sure I want to go there because I don't feel it is a living wage. So if I do miss out what can I say? Ce Le Vie. Back to school for me!

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JP Shaw said...

That is why I love the gov sooooooooo much! HOw helpful they are lol.

I'm sorry things have been rough lately but you will see they will turn out alright in the end.

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