25 July 2009

Friday's Shoes

The price of wearing nice shoesImage by gromgull via Flickr

Shoes. Shoes are amazing things are they not? Intended to protect your feet they can often be the very cause of blisters. Certainly not what they were created for but none the less they can be crippling.

I have come to realize that I have worn too many just such shoes. I am now weary of the kind of shoes I am willing to try on

Yesterday I was supposed to go out with, hmmm... lets call him flip flops because there is no support, nothing too them and on some level I am sure are just dangerous to drive with. Anyway where was I? Yes Flip Flops and I were supposed to go out when he fell asleep.

Yes instead of connecting with me he fell asleep. He did call and apologize, said he wanted to still meet up after that. The night was still young and I did have someone to watch the kids, why waste a perfectly good night?

Only when it came down to it, flip flops did just as his shoe suggests. He flip flopped so much that in the end I decided this was not a shoe I was ever willing to try on.

Still having a sitter I decided to go out alone. I took the opportunity to go to a great coffee shop, and enjoy a relaxing time sipping my mocha away from home and whiny kids.

While there I decided to check my POF inbox for new messages from my phone, when low and behold there was a message from ET.

Hi to you and how was your week? I hope all is well with your fine self.

Hmmmmmm..... Just maybe this evening isn't going to be so much of a write off after all. So I responded with:

Hi there! What are you up to this evening? It's been a long week and I had been
looking forward to going out and blowing off some steam tonight but sadly plans
fell through. :( So sadly I sit alone having a coffee. Hope your evening is
going better than mine.

OK reading that now it does sound a little on the pathetic side doesn't it? LOL Oh well. I liked the response.

I am not doing anything and I can meet you for coffee if you like?????
Just sitting here listening to music videos so let me know.

Did I happen to mention that ET lives in another country? I reminded him of that and he said he would love to come and meet me so he did. It took him an hour to get here.

After this rather fine man with very sexy eyes crossed the border for me we met up at the same coffee shop and talked for over an hour when we got kicked out because they were closing. Neither of us was quite willing to call it an evening yet so we found a restaurant where we spent another 2 hours talking.

By this point it was 2:00am and I did need to get home to my kids, besides the restaurant was closing and I don't think anything else in town would have been open.

ET walked me to my car and gave me a nice hug good night.

Nice Eh?

Even better... he has already followed up.

I know he must have really enjoyed my company because he called me this morning and ohhh speak of the devil there's my phone with another text message. Gotta go, but I will keep you guys updated!

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sparkee said...

oooooooooooooo OUCHIE....that picture makes me feel pain. I am dating too, and really really really REALLY trying not to screw this up.....awesome shoes!!!!!

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