10 July 2009

Out with the New... In with the Old

Out with the new and in with the old. Yup you heard me correctly. The new shoes are out and the old ones are spending more time with me.

Yes it's been an interesting week obviously to be saying things like that so let me explain it all out to you.

I guess that new promising shoe just wasn't that into me.

After our date I just didn't hear from him. The day after I had sent him a text thanking him for a lovely evening and no response.

A few days pass and I am talking to JP, who suggests that what I need to do is send a text asking a question, something he should respond to not just a statement, after all he is a guy.

OK sounds reasonable right?

But what do I say. JP Shaw decides she knows what to write, and well she is a writer so OK. I give her my phone and a rather long text going on about how I'm a girl and well who knows what else is sent. (Ya I really should proof read stuff like that)

This is the text I got back

Sorry I have been stupid busy and forgot to get back to you. I have been
working 16 hours a day and have just been going home and going to sleep. I
have to work straight through the weekend so there is no way I can see you
then. I hope you Have fun and Happy birthday!

So there you go. I am not going to be in anyway delusional about this, if he were into me he would have made the time to call or even just send a text. He's a nice guy but just not my shoes.


Now my old shoes....

I met a wonderful man on POF a few months ago. what can I say he is intelligent, funny, talented, respectful, and makes good choices in life.

We had spoken on the phone for a few months before we met. During this time I really did get to know him and couldn't wait to meet him.

Really this man is the ultimate sneaker. Just not quite the right fit. You see when we met I didn't have that spark. Sounds pretty shallow right? I thought so anyway. So there it was this perfect guy and I'm not feeling it and I just kept thinking maybe it'll come?

The only thing is it didn't. I don't think you can just magically have a spark if it wasn't there to begin with. I wish I could have made myself feel it.

What I was getting to in all this is this; sneaker that's not the right fit, and I have been hanging out again. For my birthday he took me to see My Sisters Keeper last night and then we came back here and played Rock Band.

(Just so you know those little hyper links are for your benefit not mine, and if you went to them you might be really surprised what you will find) Total Drama chick flick right? Ya totally bawled my little eyes out through out out the whole movie. Bring Kleenex, you will need it, you will need lots of it. Old shoes liked it too.

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