11 July 2009


I think I may have found a great way for any shoeless mommy to go camping.

I am Canadian after all, and a westcoaster, so camping is practically manditory. But logistically it can be a challenge as a single momma. Lets look at that shall we?

For starters there is no way that I am willing to go into the woods alone with no other adults. I would go clinically insane. Second my kids are close to 6 years apart in age. I assure you while they get along just fine they are at different life stages and rarely want to do the same things. I am afraid that all of these things together mean none of us would make it out alive.

Yes we do go to a campsite with friends one weekend out of the summer and that really is a blast. Of course trying to get every ones schedules to work to do this can be a challenge. But I am really wanting to go with my kids somewhere and spend some time with them where there are fun stuff for all of us to do.

Enter Summer Family Camp. Yes think back to the days of your youth when your family would happily abandon their 8 yr old for 2 weeks and then come and visit half way through that to tell her that her kitten ran away. Oh wait that is a different blog post sorry....

What I meant was days of your youth going to summer camp and learning archery and canueing among other things. Campfires, swimming in the lake, sleeping in bunk beds in tiny cabins. Feeling nostalgic yet?

This shoeless mom is going to revisit those days with a family summer camp. 1 full week of these activities with both Lil miss and Mister in tow. No cooking for a week. Sounds like a real vaca to me. And to be honest it's not particularly far and doesn't cost a whole lot either.

Do you think I can bring my laptop?

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