17 July 2009

Shoeless Family Camping

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Yay we made it!

What a wonderful experience it was going away for a week to camp Kawkawa. A week where I could spend quality time with my chicklets (aka Lil Miss and Mister)and not ever have to answer the dinner dilemma.

Imagine a week where you roll out of bed, wander from your private cabin to the dinning hall where, surprise surprise your breakfast is ready hot and awaiting you, and yes this includes as much fresh hot coffee as you may need first thing (9:ooam).

From there I went to chapel while the kids went somewhere else (no I'm not sure what they were doing, there's my trashy parenting moment). After chapel I was free to wander and go for coffee or a walk before picking up the kids, yes free babysitting included!

Spend an hour with my children walking along the lake shore catching frogs or splashing in the water and then lunch. Again it's already made no thought or effort needed.

Immediately following lunch it was time for planned activities! My kids were particularly excited about archery, which I happen to think is fun too so that worked out well. Lil Miss enjoyed crafts, making and painting a birdhouse (OK the making of the birdhouse is a different post lol) and Mister was able to participate in rifelry.

My favorite part of the day came next. Waterfront! This is when all things water related were open to all. Lil Miss and I went kayaking pretty much everyday. Mister loved the water trampoline, and who could fault him for that? This morning Mister and I went on water bikes, these are the craziest things I have ever seen and I assure you much harder to keep your balance on than they look!

OH and I can't leave out the tubing! Nothing beats the feeling of being pulled around a lake by a motor boat on a little tube. I loved it. In fact I couldn't stop laughing. Yup you read that right. I laughed hysterically the whole time. Pulled some tendons in my arms from holding on so tight but that's OK because it was so worth it.

Pulling the tendons in my arms rather unfortunately did prevent me from participating in some of the other activities such as the leap of faith and the zip line. Next year for sure.

Waterfront went until 5:45 when it was time to clean up for dinner which was magically already prepared with no forethought on my part by 6:15.

After dinner was family activity time. This could be anything from a scavenger hunt to a food fight. OK so the food was only ment to be thrown at camp staff however when you have a child like Mister who likes to get in on everything well what can I say he definately got what he deserved. In this case that included mashed potatos in the ear.

Kids Campfire started at 8:00, and it was just that a kids campfire! No parents required. More coffee time for me teehee.

Cabin leaders would take care of the kids til 10:45, so parents are free! We adults got our own campfire time too, and then time to just fellowship with one another and enjoy some fresh java. (can you tell I like coffee?)

So there you go. Time with kids and time without to refresh. What else could you ask for? No stress or thought required. My idea of a perfect getaway and completely affordable. (Did I mention it's only an hour away?)

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Hyla said...

This sounds completely perfect! WoW! I need to find one of those!

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