02 July 2009


In the land of the shoeless mommy men are like shoes. They come in all different styles and fits. A

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s any woman knows some are more comfortable than others, we all own that super sexy pair that make us feel like perhaps we could conquer the world, but where are they? Sitting in the back of the closet because oh my gosh they just plain hurt! We have out everyday running errands footwear and our going somewhere special shoes. Some are easier to wear than others for sure.

Well men are similar. Who hasn't gone out with that super hot guy that really was just plain narcissistic. Or then there are those super nice guys that you wish you had a spark with but just aren't attracted to at all.

All I really want is a pair of sneakers. That guy that is still cute, not necessarily the gq model type but that I do feel an attraction towards. the guy that I can just be comfortable with. My normal quirky, slightly odd sense of humour self. Someone that I could go out in public with because he knows how to behave in different social situations. A guy that I would be happy hanging out at home with working in the garden. (Well working in the garden if I actually did yard work but my thumbs are so far from green it's frightening really. Honestly I swear if it can't make noise to remind me to feed or water it it's just not going to survive in my house. No seriously)

My only really big must when looking for sneakers is a similar faith. I just really believe that for things to really work out you need to have the same morals and values. Lots of differing opinions is fine but I need that base to work with.

Of course it would be super cool if he had brown eyes, bigger build, and was a good kisser (you know the kind of kiss that makes you go weak in the knees ;)). But these things aren't that important in the long run just would be kinda nice.

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