02 July 2009

lil miss

What mom doesn't love to brag about her kids? Well I am no exception to that rule. And who could blame me she really is adorable.
If you read my blog about "The Beginning of Grace and Love" then you already are aware that my daughter can be a drama queen.
Being a twin right from birth she wanted all the attention and successfully got it by being born limp and blue. While she has (finally) gotten over the whole not breathing thing, she still loves the attention.
4 Years old now, Lil miss, still has some developmental issues that need to be addressed. We spent years on a waiting list for speech therapy and getting no where I found out I could just walk into the Child Development Centre and request screening for her. We were able to get in for that right away and as it turned out she needs occupational, physio, and speech therapies.
Within 2 weeks I got a call from the occupational therapist to see her. So off we went. After Lil miss had a great time playing with this therapist I got to sit down and talk to the therapist. I couldn't believe some of what I heard. Did you know spinning is good for development? Spinning. Seriously sticking your arms out and spinning round and round so you feel like you are going to throw up and literally fall over. Like spinning... going on a merry-go-round and getting motion sickness. Well OK your the professional here right?
There were a bunch of things that I need to work with Lil miss on but there was one thing she said that seemed almost devastating to me. She said that Lil miss may need special shoes so she doesn't get flat feet. I know for 99.9% of the world you are thinking big deal. Seriously though, I am the shoeless mommy. you don't come up with analogies about shoes because you don't LOVE them. Oh and yes Lil miss absolutely 100% picked up my passion for foot wear. (well actually so did mister kinda funny I know) Lil miss probably has 15 or so pairs of shoes. She LOVES to pick out what pair she is going to wear for the day depending on her outfit. I know total Diva right? I wonder if she could just get insoles instead?

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JP Shaw said...

Awww great post on Lil Miss and I know it might be hard to help her forego her shoe love for a while if you can't get inserts for her. But it will better her later so she CAN wear all the lovelies she wants.

Hang in there.

R & R

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