03 July 2009

This is Mister

This is Mister. 10 years old and full of the attitude that goes with that age. In all fairness we are having a rough day, he really is a very sweet sensitive boy, who loves shoes because his momma raised him right lol.
OK so shoes are really more my thing than his, but he really does love Pokemon and the Vancouver Canucks. After all he is a boy.
*Totally Random Moment* I just realized how icky my floors look in the pic. I soooo want to replace them and get a lovely laminate put in. Something dark I think. Ya now that I pointed it out it's all you can look at right? Those blasted icky floors. Ya it's on my list of things to do, one of these days I'll get around toit.
Now where were we? Ahhh yes Mister. An incredibly intelligent kid who's goal in life is to drive me crazy. At which today he was quite successful.

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JP Shaw said...

Ahahah Mister and Hockeydude love to that don't they? I think they like it when we get flubbered around them the little assbardurds. My new word (not swearing!) seriously.

It is supposed to get easier for boys. Ummm yeah I'm still waiting.

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