20 July 2009

West bank Fire

Well I am sure everyone knows what is happening in Westbank right now. Yes I am talking about the Glenrosa fire.

Saturday night I was out at my friends campsite for a wienie roast when JP Shaw called me up and started the conversation with, "Don't panic."

My heart immediately began to race, and so did my mind. was there a fire at home? Did I just loose everything? Did someone else get shot? (there have been a lot of murders this year, the latest a guy I was friends with in high school was shot to death on my birthday).

I sat down next to my old shoes grabbing his arm for support, trying to brace myself for what she had to say.

"West Bank is on fire, I know your friend lives there and you probably hadn't seen the news yet since you don't have cable."

Stinky pants and I have been good friends since we were 17. She was originally from Pentictin and after having lived in the Lower Mainland for a few years moved back up there with her husband.

She is one of those friends that even though we don't get to spend a lot of time together anymore when we do see each other it is as if no time has passed at all.

JP told me where the fire was and fear for my old friend swelled because I knew that fire was very close to her house.

Stinky Pants was one of the first to be evacuated from her home. She took her kids while her husband, Whiskey Dick, stayed behind to get as much stuff out of the house as possible. They were able to go and stay at Whiskey Dicks dads place.

On the news last night I saw that the area that they went to stay is now also being evacuated. They are still there but on standby to flee the fire again.

On Facebook today Stinky Pants posted this:

So glad we haven't been evacuated from Papas house. Also very happy to have a
fire warden for a dad. He has kept me very well informed. The fire did get very
close to our house, but only took out some landscaping and a car from around the
corner. According to my dad, all 3 houses that were lost in Glenrosa were all on
the other side of Glenrosa Road.

Around the corner that she is referring to is 4 houses down from her. The photo included here she took from her house.
While this entire event must be incredibly overwhelming to say the least it also appears Stinky Pants youngest child has a severe throat infection with a fever of 102. I'm sure we can all relate to the challenges and concerns of having a sick child, but right now it is compounded with heavy smoke and being displaced.
To all the families out there right now, my heart goes out to you.

*Please note that all false names used are used for a reason and I would never randomly call someone stinky pants or Whiskey Dick.

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