17 August 2009

CDM Shoes

Last week I went to a series of CDM workshops, that's Career Decision Making for those not in the industry.

I am currently jumping through some hoops in order to get the government to pay for me to go back to school, and these workshops were one of the many hoops.

I couldn't help but love the man leading the workshops on the first day. This rather unassuming man small in stature with wire rimmed glasses began talking about shoes.

Imagine you are walking along when you come to a shoe store when in the window you notice a pair of Gucci shoes. These shoes which are normally $500 are on sale for $20! You immediately go into the store and what?

Class: Try those babies on!

Oh so what you are saying is that it doesn't matter if they are Gucci on sale for $20, but that they need to fit to buy them.

He went on to talk about how careers are the same way. You can't make a size 9 work if you only wear a size 6.

I love shoes.

Wondering what we were covering? Check out Myers-Briggs, Strong interest, and then talk to a career counsellor on how to put it all together.

1 comment:

sparkee said...

Ummmmmmm.....I would soooo buy the shoes....cuz I know I would have a friend to fit them. NEVER pass up a sale....tee hee hee...I know I TOTALLY missed the point, but its true!!!

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