27 August 2009

First Date

Today is Thursday and I have a first date. I have been chatting with this guy for about a month now and we are finally going out on our first date.

I know what you're thinking why has this taken so long to get to. well when I first met him he was just about to go on vacation to Mexico for a week, and it would have been way to stalker like to have flown down there to meet him so patiently I waited.

It was very sweet, he texted me and sent e-mails from Mexico, I'm sure just to make sure i remained interested. well it worked, I couldn't wait for him to get back and finally go on our date.

we had it planned, everything was set. We were going to go to a football game (my first ever)and I had gone shopping to prepare. It was just as I was hunting for the perfect shoes to wear that I got the call. There was a family emergency. sigh

A death in the family. A very tragic car accident claiming the life of a young man leaving his fiance and baby.

so before I have even had a chance to go on a single date with this man i learned how close his family is and how important they are to him. he left immediately for the prairies to be with his family and was gone for 2 weeks.

Amazingly enough to me he continued to send e-mails and text messages to me. I would have assumed everything over that period would be about family and grief, but he took the time to let me know he was thinking of me and was looking forward to our first date.

He just got back last weekend but my schedule was full already. I had plans with friends and family and certainly was not prepared to have our first date include all my peeps!

So reading this I am sure you can see that neither of us wanted to wait much longer so tonight being the first night we are both free we are going out.

After a month of waiting there has been so much anticipation that I am actually a little nervous! Never before have I done this but I actually googled what to wear on a first date. Yes even the shoeless mommy gets pre-date nerves.

There were a lot of articles that came up. Mostly they read along the same lines don't overdo it wear colour and when all else fails grab your lbd aka little black dress. My favorite that I had never heard before was if you don't kiss on a first date wear lipstick.

Of course trickling through were a few other articles you may be interested in to. I thought this was interesting, an article on what a man is looking for.

Yikes the date is only a few hours away and I don't know what I'm wearing yet! Gotta run but I will keep you updated as always.

Love Ya,

The Shoeless Mommy

PS: While writing this my date sent me 6 text messages LOL I think he's a little nervous too.

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sparkee said...

Loves it hun!!!! I cant wait to follow the saga of this.... Also I really liked the article on What men want. I also read the date pre-nup article....good site!!! I love your writing style babe... xoxoxoxoxox

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