06 August 2009

I'm not dumb!

If you follow my blog and have read "My Brain is Melting" then you have some kind of idea as to the crazy in my life right now.

As I mentioned last week I had to write a test called the Toews assessment. This test is supposed to tell you how well you learn and how smart you are I guess. It is a 3 hour test that I personally finished in 1 hour.

Kinda funny actually I forgot when I was supposed to write it and showed up an hour late and was the first one done. Being finished so quickly I was kind of nervous because that ment either I am completely brilliant and did great or totally bombed it.

I had a meeting set up for tomorrow morning to get the results. That being said I received a phone call today and they said while normally they wouldn't give results over the phone they wanted to do that with me.

From what I can gather the Towes scoring is from 1 - 5. Apparently most people score 1 - 2 with the occasional 3 but they never see people that score 4 - 5. A 5 would be the person who comes up with things like the cure for cancer, you know your Einsteins.

I scored a 4. Yay me! I wonder how I would have done if I had showed up on time and hadn't felt rushed? Or if I had bothered to review any of my answers? oh well not complaining I did great.

In the grand scheme of things this means that they will submit these results to my career counsellor with a strong recommendation that the government pay for me to go to school.

One more hoop has been successfully jumped!

Just think in a few months I will be starting school again after a whole lot of years and in no time at all will be in my new career.

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