06 August 2009

Lets Talk Shoes!

Lets talk shoes.

I am hoping you have followed my blog closely enough to know men are like shoes, thus shoeless mommy.

I am also hoping that when I refer to old shoes you can figure out this is someone I have blogged about previously.

Old shoes is a friend. I have no doubt he is someones sneakers. (the kind of shoe you can where daily and the kind I'm looking for) He is just not my sneakers.

I am a little concerned that old shoes thinks he's got potential to be my sneakers, but the truth is there just isn't any real spark. What can I say he is sooooo in the friend zone.

I have talked to him about this before, I'm just afraid he still thinks there's a chance there and I don't want to hurt him.

No I don't think the world revolves around me and oh of course he is crazy about me but lately he has been putting out the signs.

What kind you ask? Well for starters he's a musician. (I know while most girls think that's great, honestly for me it's just such a turn off) He has written 2 songs about me, and calls me his muse. I told him I am not his muse but he keeps writing them none the less.

Old shoes wants to go to the movies this weekend with me, Saturday night (aka date night) to be specific. I go to movies with friends but am feeling the need to make sure nothing gets misinterpreted perhaps I should decline?

Friday night though... Yet another pair of new shoes! Surrey boy, as we will refer to him, is taking me to my first football game. I am kind of excited. I like going to hockey games, but then I am a Canucks fan. I am sure it will be fun being part of a huge cheering stadium of Lions fans.

The only real question is what does one wear on a first date to a football game?

Faithful followers I know you are wondering what has happened to ET. I still get text messages from him, in fact he was sending a dozen or so a day. Wow what can I say? It was too much too fast. Well and I don't know how I feel about dating someone from another country. Talk about long distance.

As always I promise to keep you in the loop!

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