10 September 2009

Mothers Week aka back to school

It's Mothers week!

Or at least that's what I think we should call it. The week kids go back to school after spending 2 full months at home everyday. This year seemed particularly exciting for me as my youngest Lil Miss started Jr. Kindergarten.

Well maybe emotional was more the word as opposed to exciting. Part of the joys and sorrows of raising a twinless twin. As with every new thing she begins there is the painful realization of something else Love will never do.

After taking Lil Miss to school for her first day yesterday I went for coffee with my bff JP (Rants and Rascals) and we started talking about how great it was that she was starting that early stage of making paintings to hang on the fridge and mothers day cards, which of course started me absolutely bawling right there in her living room.

Not only does this mark my baby girl growing up and gaining Independence but it just made me think about how Love will never get to do any of that.

I hear about other grieving parents who see a child about the same age as their child would have been and that sense of grief that takes them over. With multiples I have that everyday. Not that everyday feels like that but with any of the big things it is there.

I packed 2 lunches and thought I should be packing 3. I took Lil Miss to her classroom and thought I should be taking both of them here together. My heart says they are suppose to experience all of these things together, and it's hard that Lil Miss and Love can't share any of this.

Lil Miss loved her class! She was so excited to go to school like her big brother. She had fun and can't wait to go back. She really is a very social child and I think this is exactly what she needs to catch up developmentally with the other children.

Mister is in a split class this year. His grade 4 year there were only 6 kids in his class, so I'm not surprised. It's a grade 4 / 5 split with 5 grade 5 students and about 8 grade 4 students. (I know you are all wondering where in the world my kids go to school to have such a small class size, it's a private school) He likes his teacher and was happy to reconnect with his friends from last year.

It has been a tough week, trying to get back into a more normal schedule again. The kids are complaining about bed times and don't seem to want to get up in the morning. Well and it never ceases to amaze me how a backpack or shoes always seem to go missing in the morning when trying to run out the door.

Time to implement some serious organizational skills. Before I go to bed I need to make sure that lunches are made, planners are signed, uniforms laid out, dress shoes and jackets are ready to go. Sounds easy enough right? Then why does it seem so hard to get all done?


JP Shaw said...

I love our chats and sob sessions over loss of our kids, growing up and all the things we grieve over. It's healthy. But I am sad too because I know how hard it is for you honey, seeing Lil miss do stuff that love won't ever get too. one day at a time though. You're doing great so hang in there.

JP Shaw said...

I wanted to tell you I left an award for you on my blog. Check it out.

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