11 November 2009

Did I or Didn't I?????

Who hear can't relate to an awkward moment when you are talking to someone and you think to yourself, "I know him from where" but can't quite place him. Now imagine that person is your new boss.

And then it hits.

OMG did I date him? Did I date my boss? Is he one of my shoes!!!!!!!

I know I know you would think that would be the kind of thing I would know for sure right?

Only imagine he has a name like John Smith. I mean really how many John Smiths are there out there in the world? and it's been something like 10 years since you even thought about this person. 10 years can change a person a whole lot!

The guy I went out with was thinner, but he could have gained some weight. The eye and hair colour are right, and I'm pretty sure the height is about the same.

It wouldn't have even occurred to me had we not been in my office when he glanced at something with my name on it and said your last name is ----? I thought how odd the way he said it but just said yes...

Then he told me his last name.

I rather suddenly looked at him trying to scrutinize his face... could it be? Did I? Oh I can't tell? Can I ask my boss hey did we used to go out like 10 yrs ago? Are you one of my old shoes?

I didn't know what to say so for that moment I let it go.

I went over to talk to my bff JP Shaw about it, perhaps she would have some ideas as to what to do.

The roars of thunderous laughter on JP's part after telling her finally subsided and she looked at me and said, "why not just ask if you know him from somewhere because you think he looks familiar."

Here's the thing. Had this been one of those shoes that just, whatever, kinda fizzled, perhaps never had a spark, like slippers it would be different.

The kind of shoes I am referring to here were volatile and while at first they seemed great, in the end was the kind of shoe that would put fists through walls and put coke in my gas tank.(yes my car was written off) Not the kind you want hanging around.

And now I am wondering if volatile shoes is my new boss.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not still angry or bitter about what happened 10 years ago it's all in that chunk called the past. People change a lot in 10 years and if it is him certainly I can see things have definitely changed.

But if it is him He may not want me to remember him, or have any of his skeletons fall out of the closet.

So there he was back in my office reviewing staffing models when I said to him, "You look familiar do I know you from somewhere?"

"Where do you think you know me from?" was his reply.

ARGH! OK so really I can't just come out and say hey did we used to go out? Are you the guy that wrote off my car? But there it is he isn't directly answering me either so does he know and just not want to admit it?

Feeling ever so slightly on the spot all I could say was, "I can't quite place it..."

So there you go I still have no idea. Did I date my boss or not.

But maybe the bigger question should be, do I really want to know if it's him or not? After all I do still need to work with him. My boss is a married man with a reputation as a professional to uphold, digging up the past wouldn't be beneficial for anyone.

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