11 November 2009

Sound Monster

Flash Back: Summer my small family is away at Camp Kawkawa phone rings

SM: Hello

Sneakers: Hey how are you?

SM: I'm alright just at camp with the kids...

Sneakers: Right I won't keep you I just wanted to tell you I wrote a song about you..

Flash Forward: Autumn hanging out at my house

Sneakers: I wrote another song about you...

SM: Another one? How many is that now?

Sneakers: Uh well, lets see... there's "I met a girl", "Waiting for tonight", "Affirmation", and then there's this one so 4 so far.

Did I mention to my dear and faithful readers that Sneakers is a singer in a "project" (that's a band for normal people)They call themselves Sound Monster.

Yes those are real songs he wrote and honestly I am pretty sure it's closer to like 7 songs he has written for me to date. I don't normally talk about it cause it feels a little weird to me.

It's kinda funny actually cause he knows I don't like dating musicians. LOL. I think that's why sneakers calls it a hobby project instead of a band. A little hobby that will be going to a recording studio next summer? It's a band.

Anyway the real reason I am telling you about it today? Well Sneakers is following in my footsteps and starting a blog. So if you go and become fans there you can see what he looks like check out his music and learn more about the world of music. You might even learn a little bit more about me!

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