20 November 2009

Life According to Mister

Some things are too good not to share.

Sitting around the dinner table tonight Mister suddenly says

Mom! I know the worst word ever!

Hmmmmm..... do I want to ask? Lil Miss is sitting right there, this could be dangerous. What if he says something really horrible and she goes to her Christian school in the morning and repeats it? Getting a reaction it would become her new favorite word and go around repeating it to everyone she knows.

But hey I'm a little curious and Mister looks so proud of himself. So I bite.

What's that?

Assassin! 'Cause it's someone who kills people and it has the word Ass twice! Ya just gotta take of the I-N!

What I wouldn't give to live inside his brain for just one minute.

1 comment:

JP Shaw said...

Mister makes me so laugh. He's so much like Pickleboy and I can see I am going to have to stay on toes. That is funny! Assassin!

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