26 January 2010

Random Tuesday


My first Random Tuesday Post!

So I was driving back to work after an incredibly long meeting when I notice the car in front of me. It had one of those personalized licence plates and it read I WED U.

I thought was the car a wedding present? But then since I'm a little dark and twisty at times I thought wow whoever bought that maybe has some serious control issues. Images popping into my mind of how an estranged ex husband gives this to his ex wife which of course she has no choice but to keep because she needs to get the kids to school still and somehow get to and from her minimum wage job. Barely making the bills as it is what else is she to do? After all her ex isn't paying the child support... Clearly he was stilettos. (look great but ouch!!!!)

Badgertastic! Check it out you will love this promise.

Kids fight over dumb stuff. Toothpaste was the fight tonight in my house. Lets just say it ended with 2 kids covered in the stuff and scrubbing my bathroom.

Brothers are weird. I found out by accident over the weekend my brother has had 2 blogs for like over a year... I don't even know for how long really. And it's not like I don't talk to him. I see him minimum once a week. What's up with that?

You know you are best friends when you don't think twice about calling up and asking if you can borrow a bathtub plug, and your friend doesn't so much as flinch and hands it over. (thanks JP)

You know I really could go like this for hours but I need to go and have a bath so JP can have her plug back.


~ JP ~ said...

Love this post! And you can borrow my tub stopper anytime honey...

Fordy said...

And yet you still didn't post a link to it ...


shoeless mommy said...

Sorry Fordy! I didn't have the URL at the time I was writing. Thank you dear brother of mine for posting the link in the comments

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