16 January 2010

Strange Dream

You ever have one of those dreams that you are sure is real in one sense and yet while you are dreaming you think wow this isn't even really possible?

This seems to happen so often to me that really I could just start a whole section of this blog dedicated to strange dreams.

The other night I was dreaming that I lived in the old neighbourhood that I grew up in. I had a flat tire and could only replace it with a huge tractor tire. (I think it is worth mentioning that I drive an Echo)

While the tractor tire could work it was deemed unsafe for me to drive with 3 regular tires and 1 tractor tire on my car. I couldn't understand what was so wrong with that in my dream.

Anyway still needing to get around I decided to just drive my large tractor tire.

How do I describe this?

So the tire was flat and I was sitting in the middle of the tire, there was yellow rope tied to one side so I could pull on the rope to turn.

I was driving around in my big 'ol tire, practicing turning when a police officer pulled me over. She came up to me and said that was a really wide turn there. I apologized and explained I was just getting used to driving the tire. The police officer just said OK be more careful next time.

And that is where I woke up.


M said...

If I had to guess, I would say that psychologically you are fearful of either having added on odd sized tire to your current group of 3 tires that work well together, (you and yours), or you are fearful of this happening in the future? Perhaps the tractor tire is the wrong shoe? The policewoman tells you it is ok to practive driving with the odd tire, but to be more careful next time. (Maybe lately you have taken a wider turn that you cared to, metaphorically speaking? )Beware of a stinky shoe trying to pass itself off as a manolo...

JP Shaw said...

I totally agree with m's comments made me pee a little lol both your dream and her explanation but she is right as there are certain times maybe you are forced to wear shoes that give you blisters but you still need to get around and your mind is telling you to be cautious.

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