16 January 2010

They are growing too fast

Did you notice that kids these days seem to be growing up faster and faster?

JP asked her son recently if he had ever kissed a girl. 10 year old Gamerboy responded, "No but I want to!"

Mister is also 10, and while not nearly as forthcoming as Gamerboy, is hitting an age where having a shower without being told is important. The use of deodorant is now evident as well.

He is growing up. And I am terrified. Dating will be just around the corner for him now and I am going to do everything in my power to fend it off as long as I can!

I have openly questioned him on the purpose of dating. Much to my delight he didn't say so you have something to blog about. Rather we discussed how dating is an opportunity to get to know someone to see if you would be compatible for marriage.

So then logically if dating is about finding your significant other than you don't need to do it until your old enough to get married.

Thank goodness Mister is a very logical thinker. This seems to have made sense to him so hopefully it will stick.

Oh in case you are wondering I also asked him how old he thought would be appropriate for dating with this in mind. His answer... 16. Maybe I can convince him 18 would be better.

After all Lil Miss is watching everything he does. And she has already decided she is going to have like 500 babies including several sets of triplets and marry Pickle Boy. I just hope she doesn't start too soon.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Good discussion with your son Jen! I will pray for continued wisdom. You go girl!

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