30 January 2010

They said what?

Wow words that come out of my childrens mouths are so completely unpredictable!

Mister picked up a book I had lying around on the table that I am currently engrossed in and turned to the first page ready to read a few words to his baby sister.

I did just start this book which my bff just picked up for me to read. It's called Shoe Addicts Anonymous. She saw it in the store and couldn't resist this one for the Shoeless Mommy and I am telling you so far I am loving it.

Anyway, as Mister went to read the first line he turned beat red and said "I can't read that!"

Lil Miss wanting a story said, "I want the story!".

Mister still rather uncomfortable looking said "maybe I can start with the umm second paragraph..."

Yes I claimed my book back, and not remembering the first words flipped it open to read, "Sex in a box." That was the first sentance.

Poor Mister almost died of embarassment!

I of course read it out loud and chuckled. "You have heard the word sex before right?" I asked.

Lil Miss was the first to pipe up. "Yes I did, at school"

Wow she is only in Jr. K did she really hear this at school? Clearly I have a few questions to ask here...

"Who did you hear that word form at school?"

"The man told me and then he asked if I was a good person and I said NO! and then I killed him"

This came from my 4 year old?

She really has the biggest imagination ever... I just don't think I much care for her imagining that she went and killed someone!

1 comment:

stephanie said...

i would not worry too much she hangs around boys and that comes from having male friends lol

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