05 February 2010

I love Coffee

Coffee. Just the word alone and my mouth begins to salivate. It's warm and comforting. It's social. Coffee can give you that little pick me up when you need it the most.

Yes I have been accused on many many occasions of being a caffeinee junkie.

So much so that once when I moved the ONLY housewarming presents I received revolved around coffee. I got new coffee mugs, a new grinder, new coffee canister, and so many fresh coffee beans I was set for like a year.

I know you are wondering why am I sharing this with you. Well I read a post by The Un-mom recently about my favorite place to go for coffee and realizing that only 22% of my readers are Canadian, most of you do not know the joys of Tim Hortons.

So to share a little bit about what it truly means to be Canadian I had to share this video which so eloquently tells of true Canadian culture.

Mmmmmmm. I think I have a craving for some Timmy Ho`s!

1 comment:

Keely said...

Hahhahhaha! I've never seen that! Sheer brilliance. I wish I'd had that video to point to in 9th grade when they asked in social studies what our 'culture' is as Canadians :)

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