23 June 2010

Ever Feel Like This

Do you ever just feel like Wow what have I gotten myself into? It seems over the past year I have been saying that a whole lot. Well or maybe it's more of a there just aren't enough hours in the day kind of thing.

There are reports to write that quite frankly leave me feeling with that sinking sensation of I am way over my head here, housework that I always seem to be 2 steps behind in, events to plan, schedules to juggle, and then there are the kids.

Not that I have anyone to blame but myself. I was the one who took on a fairly crazy job and then promptly found ways to triple the workload while also finding it necessary to cut back on staff hours. In the long run it's for the best, it's just getting there.

Working full time, being a single mom, finding time for friends, participating in church events, constantly on the go and still I give myself a hard time because I have still not found the time to paint my living room.

Well and really it just struck me if I do things like read a book (an absolute luxery for me) I feel guilty.  I feel guilty because I should have been more productive by scrubbing toilets or something else that is just as glamorous and appealing that is also on the current must be done, do not put this off for one more minute list.

Why should I feel guilty, really I need some down time at some point too.

I do not think this is just me that gets caught up in that. I think lots of women who are trying desperately to juggle the work of a thousand different job titles feel the same way.

Well I say to heck with the guilt! Go ahead read another blog post or novel, soak in that tub and eat those bon bons! You work hard you deserve it! (and if its alright for you then its alright for me too right)

1 comment:

jpshaw said...

OF course it's alright for you do things to relax when you work hard. Women are sooooooooo unapaid and as mothers we never get the rewards we deserve so if we don't take them we would never really ever find down time.

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