03 July 2010

Damn Gumboots

Have I mentioned before how much I dislike gumboots?

Just as a friendly reminder the whole premise of being the shoeless mommy is that men are like shoes and well I don't have any steady shoes in my life.

Different kinds of men relate to different kinds of shoes, while I am searching for that elusive pair of sneakers all I seem to find are shoes that seriously don't fit. They either give me blisters or are like gumboots. Gumboots of course are not very revealing and covered in shit feces.

I save that very special honour for married men looking for a little something on the side.

I met one such man recently. At a BBQ a few days ago. Did I mention his wife and very new baby were there?

This particular pair of gumboots went so far as to announce to a group of people he wasn't feeling to happy at home and was interested in looking elsewhere for some action.

Do vows mean nothing anymore? Are they just empty words that really mean I'll be with you until things get a little hard or until someone better comes along?

I know having a baby changes things. Intimacy can be difficult especially if the recovery process takes a little longer than normal and if you add any complications to the pregnancy that can add to it. Throw into the mix a lack of sleep and adjusting to a whole new person who is solely dependant on you and wow it's almost a recipe for disaster.

K I clearly had some of those issues myself... as the heel (aka the x) was with someone else while I was stuck on bed rest and then by the babies sides in the hospital. I can recognize it's a trigger for me.

How little respect can a man like that have for any woman? Clearly gumboots isn't showing a whole lot of respect for his wife and child and sees other women as nothing more than an object of lust.

It's after meeting yet another pair of gumboots that I begin to wonder if there are really any sneakers out there. Is my search for sneakers purely in vain?


jpshaw said...

I know I cannot believe that dink said those things at the party. I mean holy shit! His wife is cooing over their baby and then when asked if he enjoys fatherhood? He replies "Uhhh well it's no different than any other day!"


NaomiJesson said...

Obviously he is a total DoucheBag! Wow, that's almost like thinking he's well something special, he's something alright!

Don't worry SM! There are a lot of great sneakers out there! I see a pair of those swishy new Nikes in your future or maybe some Mizuno's the high-tech running type or even some funky stylish DC's that are super comfy! Unfortunately, you have to try on a lot of badly sized gumboots and mismatched pairs before you get the perfect fit! Just don't settle for a pair of ill-fitting cheap knock-offs! ;)

shoeless mommy said...

Thank you!

Naomi I love the idea of finding those perfect designer sneakers, that was really inspiring

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