30 June 2010

Spill It!

Purses. They are amazing things really. Without one I feel a little lost. I love that they come in different shapes and sizes, different colours and fabrics.

Your purse can reflect your mood and yes even your stage in life.

Having little kids means carrying a larger purse. I need to have those snacks on hand or wipes for sticky fingers and noses, and there was a day when even an extra change of clothes for one the the kidlets could be found in my purse.

As I was digging through my purse I thought hey this could be a blog post. The contents of my purse. Those things I at some point deemed necissary to have on hand at any given moment. So here we go I am going to spill it.

Today I found my cord for my laptop, even though my laptop was at home, a napkin, my car insurance papers, a birthday card I just got from my grandma, a hairbrush, a mcdonalds temporary tatoo, work id badge, hairband, my wallet, chocolate pudding, ibuprofine, digital camera, a cord that may or may not connect my camera to my computer, A novel (Drowing Ruth by Christina Schwarz), Silver bookmark (great that means I lost my place in my book again!), a pen, Craisens, A pamphlet on Canada celebrations for next week, an address for a meeting I had a few days ago, a take out menu, my sons CAT test results, a pamphlet on soccer day camps, a church bulletin, a cheque stub, a couple random receipts, and oh another pen.

OK now that I have fessed up lets see what you got! Time to Spill it.

What is the strangest thing you have in your purse right now?


irishpunkprincess said...

Ok I had to look discovered a pair of kids socks,my tank top,4 lighters,glucose tester,wallet,a maraca s ,blackberry case,insulin,a pop,blue tooth,wallet and ferry tickets and that's after cleaning it lmao

NaomiJesson said...

I have endless amounts of tampax & pads as well as a million iTunes Pick of the Week. Even though I get the cheapest coffee on my gift card Bold Coffee Misto with SF Vanilla in my personal cup- 2.00 in total with my registered card, I feel the need to scoop these up and NEVER use them?!? I am a purse hoarder and cannot tell you the endless amounts of receipts I have! It's embarrassing!

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