02 October 2010

No Wonder I am Going Grey!

Mister gave me a new grey hair today.

After a perfect Saturday morning consisting of a lovely sleep in and some serious shoe shopping (K really if you live any where near Mission BC go to the Shoe Warehouse because I have never seen a sale that amazing! I walked out with 6 new pairs of shoes including 2 pairs of Sketchers and a pair of New Balance for uber cheap) when I stopped into JP's house to show off the new goods. 

Mister decided he wanted to go home (I live next door) so I handed over the keys. The little bug (11 years old) told Gamer Boy I won't get in trouble if I start the car and turn it off right away.

Ya so Gamer came over and told me because his 11 year old brain started flashing bright warning lights and loud sirens went off saying Hey wait a minute this may not actually be a very good idea.

That's the moment I flew. Well flew home anyway. 

Confronting my son he said "Well I only turned it on for a second!"

Oh my gosh what in the world could he have possibly been thinking? How could he have ever thought I would be OK with him turning the car on? Did not one possibility of what could have happened enter his head?

Well thankfully no one was hurt or dismembered... and the carport remains in one piece. Though Mister did have like 100 lines to write... I will never start the car again without my mother's permission. I figured that was a good start.

So let me ask you if that was your kid what would you have done?

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