27 September 2010

He's Not Shoes... He's a Cookie

So there is a guy lurking in the background. Normally at this point I would be telling you what kind of shoe he is and why.

Usually I would get to know someone a few times before deciding on the shoe and then would let you know. Someone who is comfortable to be with but with no attraction is a slipper, because while they are comfy I don't necessarily want to be seen with them. The stiletto is opposite, really great looking but ouch! Ballet shoes are cute but offer no support. Sandals are only good for summer. Flip Flops have nothing to them and Gum boots are not very revealing and covered in shit. Really my search has been about finding the elusive sneaker. That shoe that offers support and I could wear anywhere!

You can imagine my surprise when after going out with this guy that I didn't want to call him a shoe. Not only that but I didn't want to share him here. I just wanted to keep him to myself.

As you can see from my title he's not shoes... he is cookie and that is what I am going to call him here. There is a reason I promise and if anyone really wants to know why, leave me some comment love and I will post about it.

What can I say? I have actually had phone conversations that have been about absolutely nothing that have lasted for hours. Cookie is sweet, thoughtful, and yes yummy.

While I think this is all I am ready to share I can tell you there will be more to follow, just not tonight. After all Cookie is someone I suspect will be around for a while.


jpshaw said...

Rhys awesome and yes I hope he's around for awhile cause he is very sweet but remember sometimes even your best pair of shoes can you blisters but they make cream for that lol

Diane said...

Love hearing about Cookie! Now dip his ass in some milk and have at it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well it's return of the cookie. This time he is gonna do things right. The glass slipper will fit and stay on!!!

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