18 September 2010

Eight is Enough

Well thank you to JP from Rants n Rascals for picking me for 8 is enough! It's one of those weekly memes intended to keep you blogging.

Essentially she has asked me 8 questions that I need to answer and then I choose 8 new questions to ask 8 other bloggers.

Well here we go!

1.) Tell me one thing you remember most that you loved about having your first child?  What was the thing you loved least?
Oh lets see 11 years ago Mister came into this world, and there were so many things I loved about having him. I loved that first moment I held him in my arms and gazed into his big blue eyes.  I loved that he was fixated on words, he seemed to be passionate about language right from day one. I love that he slept through the night at 4 days old.
Loved the least? ummmm projectile poop. 'nough said.
2.) What is your favorite blog post of  yours and why?
HA HA HA Ya that would probably be "Did I or Didn't I?" really it was  kind of a funny situation.
3.) When you were a kid what did you dream of being when you grew up?  How close did you come to accomplishing that?
Me? well I know this would be soooo surprising to anyone who knows me but I wanted to be an actress. I did some stuff in high school like a dinner theatre production of Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid" and directed a piece called "Bar & Ger". Yes I did get a standing ovation lol. The closest I actually came to doing it though would be a Disney movie called "Angels in the End Zone", I was an extra. I did get paid for that though so you can't laugh.
4.) Who was your first love ever?
Stephen Holling. I was 15 and madly in love, well as in love as a 15 year old can be anyway. We were together for like 3 months and he died. 
5.) Tell me the number one thing you love about blogging and why?
The idea of being able to release every day stress while sharing with other people who may be on a similar journey.
6.) What is the most romantic thing anyone has every done for you?  Describe to us about it.
Hmmmm.... tough question here. Thanks for that JP. Just for that I will have to say it had nothing to do with a cannoli. Wow you know getting engaged doesn't make the list for this one, strange you would think it would have, just goes to show that he was not my sneakers. No I think it's more about the little things. Maybe like the heel who before we were living together knew I was sick one night with a sore throat so went out and bought like 4 packs of Halls and left them on my car for me. Or Aaron who would wake me up with a bouquet of flowers.
7.) If you had to choose between A) jumping out of an airplane B) eating a spider or C) walking naked down a busy street holding a sign that says “Have you seen my clothes?” which would you choose?
You know the really scary thing here is this one is a no brainer for me. Of course it's C! 
8.) Name your favorite television show you love to indulge watching and why?
Seriously it's Grey's Anatomy! Seriously you want to know why? Seriously? It's the only TV show I know where a guy's penis got broken. Seriously.
OK my turn!
It's your turn! Here are your questions:
1) If a person who plays piano is a pianist, should a race car driver really be called a racist? discuss.
2) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go right now?
3) Who is the most brilliant person you know?
4) What kind of shoes are you wearing? (I want full descriptions including make and colour)
5) Would you want to win really big in the lottery?
6) Are you in Love or Lust right now?
7) K what do you think of Uggs?
8) What are you most passionate about?

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jpshaw said...

Awww I didn't know your first love died... that's sad

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