21 November 2010

Children's Stories

Some days a good clean up around the house can reveal certain hidden treasures.

How it is that these things come to the surface several moves later and many hours of housework later I don't know but there you go some of Misters old school work surfaced.

This particular treasure is more specifically from Mister's grade 1 class back in 2006. I love the stories he would write they are a lot of fun to revisit, and I thought I would share a little with you.

Once upon a time there was a ghost He me mt a girl he scared the girl Then they becalne friends.

Here's another one

The Fire Station by Robert Munch

My favorite part was when she had a bath in for 5 day. he had 3 days.

One day a gorilla He had blue eyes All of a sudden his eyes tor green and his eyes tor blue Thee End

Once upon a time there was a FdAfrish that I had heat vision. He destroyed the seweed. 

One day there a eagle. his name was Dolph. Dolph is going too have a dirthday was coming soon

I love all the spelling mistakes and the creativity of his little 6 year old mind!

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