21 November 2010

Lets talk cookies & shoes

You have all watched as I have attempted the navigation of the dating world over the past 2 years. There have been a lot of different types of shoes out there. Mostly I have come across gum boots and slippers, with the occasional sandal, flip flop, ballet shoe and stiletto.

*If men are like shoes then the following is true:
Gum boots - covered in Shit crap and not very revealing
Slippers - comfortable but you wouldn't wear them out in public
Sandals - Only good for summer
Flip Flops - not much to them
ballet shoe - cute but don't offer any support
Stiletto - great to be seen with but ouch!
Sneakers - The perfect shoe for everyday, you can wear them anywhere and they offer great support

Well as I mentioned previously I have met someone who I didn't want to call a shoe, so I called him Cookie. Ya that completely threw me off! I also didn't want to write about him. I didn't want to share him with the world. For just a little while I wanted to keep him all to myself.

Is he a sneaker? Well as the definitions go so far I would say so.

He is thoughtful and sweet. Cookie knows who he is and what is important to him. He has goals and dreams and a plan to attain them. He is fun and quirky yet down to earth. Cookie is easy to talk to and listens well.

Ya basically I am thinking he's pretty much the bees knees.

Finding someone I actually want to keep around brought up something else for me. I realized I needed to be able to open up and set aside fear of being hurt if this is to go anywhere.

It would be easy to guard my heart and keep Cookie (and anyone else) at a distance, but in the end never taking a risk would mean never moving forward in any relationship. I didn't realize how guarded I was until these past few weeks. I needed to make a choice; stay distanced and remain alone, or take a chance and see where things go.

So for today I am choosing to be open, and if my heart gets broken again well I already know I will survive it, and my life will be all the richer for sharing it.

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MonkeeMama said...

I also think that sometimes slippers can turn into sneakers! Just an optimist I guess.

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