21 January 2011

We Have ALL Had Those Shoes!

Well I survived the holiday season once again!

Though the shoes did not. OK I called him Cookie but I finally figured out what kind of shoe he really was for me. I think you will get a kick out this one because I know you will relate.

Imagine this: you are walking through a store when you happen out of the corner of your eye to see these super cute shoes. These shoes are just fun and have the perfect toe, they look comfy so you try them on. Wow they even seem to fit, but there is one thing.... they don't really go with anything in your wardrobe.

Of course you bought the shoes. You could go out and look for a new outfit to wear with them right? Only you can't find anything that really goes with them after all. So in your closet they sit month after month.

You find yourself every few weeks trying them on but when it's time to go out it's not with them. How long do you keep these shoes? Will you ever really be able to make them work with your wardrobe? Well I hate to say it but it's not the wardrobe that's not working it's the shoes.

So there you go the shoes didn't fit with my wardrobe, that being said I would totally pass them on to a friend if they worked better for her.

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