01 June 2011

Go Canucks Go

The Canucks scored!

Wow we are in the Stanley Cup finals! We just won the first game... It's like a dream really. We have hungered for this moment. The swells of hope from deep within each of us is now surfacing. After years and years of our hopes and dreams being dashed it really feels like it's already ours.

This past year Canadians have reclaimed this unofficial national sport, first at the winter Olympics and now with the Vancouver Canucks.

Who could forget that great moment at the Olympics in Vancouver as team Canada played Slovakia all the while the Canadian spectators chanting, "WE WANT USA!" and we did go on to play the States and take the gold.

Now here we are again, playing one of the original 6 NHL teams, the Boston Bruins. It feels like a wonderful dream. The energy is electric, I guess in that sense it feels like the Olympics, we believed we would own the podium and for the most part we did. We were alive and on top of the world, and still are. It is impossible to believe anything other than that we are already taking the cup home where it belongs.

I say where it belongs because it was originally from Lord Stanley - Governor General of Canada. He too had a love for the game. The last time Vancouver had the coveted Stanley cup was in 1915, back then we were known as the Vancouver Millionaires. Of course officially we didn't have an NHL at that time.

There have been years it was hard to be a Canucks fan, I'm not going to lie to you. Remember a few years ago when Vancouver went ahead and prematurely started planning the victory route for the Stanley cup? Or how about in game 7 against New York for the cup last time, when the puck deflected off the net and we all thought it went in? It cost us the game and really, it was down right embarrassing. Still through all the losses and all the jersey changes I have cheered our boys on, praying that the moment would come when we finally bring home our cup.

Don't mistake me for being a cocky Canadian here. I know it's going to be tough. Tonights game was really something, both goalies were amazing. (Love you Lou!) It's just that this is something we all want so badly it is impossible to believe for even a second that it could go any other way.

*side note* quick point of interest Canucks won first in 7 games, then in 6 games, then in 5 games. 

Soooooo who is with me in saying we should take this one in 4 games? It's a great year for Hockey. (I know lots of fans want to take it in 5 so the Canucks can win it at home)

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