18 February 2013

Answered Prayer

Last November I sent the following email to my pastor:

Subject: Prayer Request
So I have decided to get married. Don't get too excited for me yet I still need to find a suitable groom. Still it's a big step from my rather chosen life of no dating. Though now that I have made this decision (and this time not just because of the second income lol) I could use some help in the praying for my future husband. The only real criteria I have is that whoever he is must be a Christian and evidence fruits of the spirit in his life. He must love Jesus. Outside of that I am fairly open. Thank you for praying with me on this one, oh and if you know anyone... ;)

Pastor Errol's response:

ha! I’ll get right on that one! 
do you want to be introduced to him before we book the church? or just get right to it… teasing you… I’ll join you in asking Jesus for the right man at the right time… Pastor Errol
I hadn't dated since Crocks.Remember him? Really different core beliefs and values, I tried to make a square peg fit into a round hole, as they say, and when something doesn't fit it just hurts. Anyway that is all water under the bridge now. It's been a long time and I was feeling ready for something new. I had learned from my mistakes though and there was no way I was going to settle for anything less.
Let me tell you something about Pastor Errol, he is one of those men that when he prays for you, you know it. You can literally feel it. If you don't know someone like that I am sad for you, seriously. When I send a prayer request to my pastor I get some serious results lol and almost immediate! This was no exception.
It wasn't long before I was at church and leaned over to Pastor Errol and said, "I can tell you have been praying for me... I met someone!" To which he let out a laugh and told me he couldn't wait to meet him.
Sneakers is everything I was looking for.(Yes people I called him sneakers!) Here is a man who shares my beliefs and values, who is kind and caring. A great father, spiritual leader, a man of determination and integrity. A man with different strengths than me, that can challenge me and even hold me accountable. Well and he is incredibly handsome.

Friday, February 15, 2013 Sneakers proposed, and I eagerly accepted.
This is where Sneakers proposed. It was an amazingly beautiful day and I will forever be grateful I live in BC and this was the weather as opposed to the 6 ft of snow they got back east!

Here is a pic of the stunning ring Sneakers gave me.
The big question everyone is asking is when is the big day? Honestly right now I don't know. I know that we would like it to be sooner that later. I know that we need to find an affordable house that will fit for us, our 4 kids and 2 dogs first. I know we would both be happy to elope (it's about the marriage, not the wedding!) but I also know that that might just kill my mom just a little. So something small and intimate anyway.
As for how my kids feel about this... 2 days before Sneakers proposed Mister (now 13) told me that if Sneakers didn't propose soon that I should. LOL think the kids could tell their momma was serious about this guy? Lil Miss really likes Sneakers too. And what are the odds Lil Miss and Sneakers older boy share a birthday which was the day after we got engaged. It really has been a wonderful, crazy, head-spinning kind of week. Most importantly though I am ridiculously happy, and head over heals in love with the most amazing, Christ-centred man.
Oh and when I showed Pastor Errol my ring this weekend he gave a great big hug and said, "Congratulations! I am not surprised I've been watching the way you two look at each other!"

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