27 February 2013

Rebar Door Security Review - Shoeless Security

This blog has always been about how men are like shoes, and I am a shoeless mommy; meaning I am a single mom. I have been for years now. I also know I'm not alone in independent parenting so where ever I can I like to pass on any tips or products that may be valuable to others.

Being a single parent has meant being both mom and dad to my amazing children, now 13 and 8 years old. It means that I have had to be the provider, counsellor, disciplinarian, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, and everything else that goes along with that. This of course includes making sure my kids are safe. It is for sure a difficult balancing act to say the least.

Previously, I lived in a town house complex. I felt secure living in "the fish bowl" where all the neighbours faced one another. It seemed there was always people right there and watching that you knew and trusted. As with everything in life this had both advantages and disadvantages, as I am sure you can imagine. Yes for a long time I did feel a sense of security. My neighbours were also friends and at any time I knew I could be assured that we were all there to work together. The down side of course was the rumour mill, everyone was always in each others business, and everyone had an opinion about everything. But gosh darn-it if something was out of whack everyone knew about it immediately!

Recently, I moved to a wonderful old house with lots of privacy. Really almost the opposite of where I was before. While I seriously LOVE it, it does present issues I was not previously concerned with. Mainly that of security for my family.

I had been talking to a friend of mine who shared with me an experience of his home being invaded by men with guns. Someone was home and access had been obtained through kicking in the door. My mind flashed back to a co-worker a few years back, who while on vacation had her home broken into. Her brother lived in a suite in the home so the house didn't look empty. Again the criminals gained access through kicking in the door. My brother who owns a rather large and scary looking dog also had his door kicked in. We may never know what they did to his dog, but the thieves took everything except perhaps the visibly shaken dog.

I have seen statistics that suggest that 73% of burglars kick in doors to gain access to homes. It would seem that in North America we  have a bit of a design flaw with our entry ways. Being as they open inward instead of out and that the frames are made of soft wood that are what about an inch thick. Guess what? This combination means it is going to take about 2 seconds to kick that frame in.

2 seconds... think about that. It means even if you live in a fish bowl and feel pretty secure, that criminal could be out of sight before your nosey neighbours even make it to the window or door to see what's going on.  Worse yet if you look at statistics again 39% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during a home invasion. Did you also know that during economic downturns that crime rates go up? yikes!

I don't know about you, but the thought of that stuff seriously makes me want to throw up. And not just a little. The thing is I can't un-know things. So now I know this what do I do about it? Well a little research shows me a product called the Rebar DSD, or Rebar Door Security Device can help.

What is it? It is a door security device that reinforces that one inch soft wood door frame. It makes it so that your door can't get kicked in. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Essentially it's this metal strip that you screw into the door jamb. Seriously so easy to install even I can do it on my own. (Single mom's have to be able to do anything!)

I found the product at www.kickproof.com and since I don't have a standard door, I was glad to see there were a few different products to meet my needs. (and price points too!) I love that this for me is a local product and is made right here in BC. (Love to support local business) I know the odds are I haven't touched on all your your questions about the product. I had a few questions myself and called 1-888-357-0459 and spoke with a kickproof.com person and I can say he was friendly and knowledgeable. The guy I spoke to called me back right away and made me feel at ease.

Most importantly though, I appreciate the peace of mind this brings. I would do anything to keep my kids safe, and really to spend 20 minutes installing this is worth it.

Oh and if this is coming to you too late, you can also repair kicked in doors with this.

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