26 July 2013

Abandoning the Comfort Zone

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.

How is that working for you? Well for me I need to take some proactive steps to making some changes in my life.

There was a rather life changing event that took place in my life (OK lots of life changing events). One in particular has left me feeling rather in the lurch and wondering where exactly my life is going. A car accident has caused some damage and while I am waiting to see a neurologist to figure out the nerve damage stuff, I need to figure out a way to support my family, that doesn't involve lifting or sitting at a computer.

That being said, I decided to try to sell some of my photos! I found this great website that takes care of the selling part for me.  Fine Art America allows you to sell your art on canvass, as a poster, greeting card, or even a cell phone cover. It is hugely stepping out of my comfort zone, exposing a piece of me to the world means being open to critics.

Pictured in this post are Harrison Mills Drift wood and Riverbend  

So tell me what do you think? What are some other creative ways to help provide for your family? In what ways have you abandoned your comfort zone?

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