16 July 2015

Sears Vintage Photo Event!

If I have one regret it is not taking enough photos of Love and Grace. Hospital photos were never my favourite and I assumed I would have all the time in the world to take the photos I liked later. For those that have read my blog you know love, one of my twins passed away at 5 days old. He never came home from the hospital. I didn't take as many pictures of Grace because of my grieving heart, I struggled to have her pictures done at all always feeling like her twin should be with her. As we are all reminded in the bible there is a season to all things. (Not a bible reader? I'm sure you know the song) my time to grieve has passed that not at all what this post is about... 

My point is just that it's important to capture those memories, to cherish each moment and each day that you do have. 

I have become a big fan of capturing my daughter with fun photos! We had portraits taken in Sears at the fairyland photo event and are now planning on coming in for a vintage photo shoot! 

One of the things I like about this event is that I am able to bring in personal props that have meaning to my family, but they also have props so if I decide to just go with what they have I'm well covered.

It is a one day event being held in abbotsford Sears July 29,2015. Space is limited so make sure to book your appointment early! 604-504-5574 ext 560 or book online at www.searsportraits.ca

Hope to see you there!

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