13 October 2009

Meeting Family

Wow. It if official I am exclusively dating one man.

Well I have been for about a month now actually. Sneakers (aka old shoes) really is perhaps the most amazing man I have ever met. He is sweet and compassionate and really everything I have been looking for.

Since we had been hanging out for the past 6 months he has had all of these opportunities to meet my friends and family and for some reason I had not met any of his people.

That is until today.

Yes I met his family today. Well in particular his mom and sister. His father passed away last January so unfortunately I won't get the chance to meet him this side of heaven.

I was fine with going out to meet them, after all it was about time right? Sneakers already knew my family but I had been hesitant to meet his before now.

I chalk that up to me having been a bit of a commitment phobia. It's not that he didn't want me to meet them but I was full of excuses before now. So today was the day.

As I mentioned I was fine. That is up until it was almost time to leave. That's when it struck me.

This may be the first time I meet my future mother-in-law.

The panic began to set in at that exact moment. Here is this amazing man who not only adores me, but my kids too. The guy who I would be happy to be old and grey with, the guy who I would love to be my last first everything.

What if she didn't like me? What if she wasn't going to like a woman with kids for her youngest son? Or even worse what if she was like Jane Fonda in Monster in Law.

I started feeling a little sick.

I had taken the kids to school and was going to go out when I thought I need coffee I'll just stop quick at Tim Hortons and grab some caffeine not just for me but some for Sneakers family too. (I'll take the brownie points where ever I can get em ;))

Sounds like a great plan right? I was running a few minutes behind schedule but coffee would certainly make up for it.

Ya great plan if you don't forget your bank card at home that is.

D'oh! bone headed move on my part. Totally had no idea where it was. It's always in my wallet. I rush home and check my other jacket, only it's not there. OMG where is it! Feeling even more panicked now because well I am running late, it's the first time I am meeting them and wow where the heck is my bank card cause that is pretty darn important.

So there I was a mad woman desperately digging through the mounds of laundry that are currently screaming for my attention seeking anything of mine that I may have worn in the past few days with pockets. Quite the sight I assure you. Finally I found it! in my black cargo pants from Saturday. Had I really gone that long without using it? That in itself is pretty amazing.

Back to Tim Hortons for that coffee. I assure you by this point I was feeling rather desperate for that jolt of caffeine.

K now bank card is safe and I have the coffee now it's time to take that leap and go and meet Sneakers family.

They are just the nicest people I could meet. Incredibly warm and welcoming. We had the nicest visit and his mom even made me a pumpkin pie to take home to share with the kids. Seriously how sweet is that?

So while it started a bit chaotic this morning it was just a nice day to share with great people. (I just hope I always feel that way lol)

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JP Shaw said...

I am so happy you didn't get a monster in law. You are lucky and they are and would be lucky to have u as a daughter inlaw. Forgetful dad and I could not be happier for you and wish both you and shoes a happy life together.

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