05 March 2010

5 Year Old Calls 911

I came across this today and had to share this

It came to my mind that this little girl has a whole lot in common with Lil Miss. It is a very specific little girl that would be so concerned with what to wear in all situations, and for Lil Miss what others will also be wearing. Daily I hear her concern of what others may be wearing...

Seriously though watching this I came to realize that sadly I don't think my youngest could call 911 if it was necessary. While we have struggled with developmental delays, she can now for the most part recognize which numbers are which but in an emergency I'm not sure she would get it right. That and well to be honest I don't keep a phone in reach for her.

To amend this I am going to make some changes around my house. First off I am going to post 911 on the fridge, somewhere central and at her eye level. Second I am going to teach her how to use my cell phone. There will be conversations taking place about what to do in an emergency.

So tell me, what does everyone else do with there kids to make sure they are ready for an emergency with their kids?

1 comment:

Fordy said...

That was cute.

You should maybe look into getting a land-line; so there's a phone at home and on you when you hit the "Going out - stay with the sitter" age.

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