04 June 2011

To Heck With Dating

I'm sick of dating.

There I said it.

I'm not interested in another "friend". I have friends, what I am looking for is someone to spend my life with. So I'm thinking what I am really interested in is courting.

So what's the difference you may be asking. Well to put it in simplest terms it is dating with purpose. There is intention behind it.

Take the time get to know the shoe first, see where his priorities lay. See if our values and morals mesh, find out if he is able to offer what I am looking for. Spend time in Courtship building a relationship that would ultimately lead to marriage.

What I want is a God honouring relationship. I want a man who I can spend time with reading the bible and in prayer. I believe a relationship built on solid ground is one that will last. I believe it is important to be equally yolked.

I will be the first to admit I have tried relationships where there were fundamental differences in beliefs and I know they don't work. Not for me anyway.

Now the difficulty is finding a man on the same page as me.

Truth be told Cookie is still lurking in the background. I know he will be reading this and I'm sure this post will come as a surprise to him. Here I am putting myself out there on-line and haven't talked to him about any of this. Well there are lots of conversations that probably need to take place there still. I think he's a pretty special guy though and will be OK with that.

What I need to remember in all of this is that ultimately God is in control and the timing is all His. My sneakers are out there somewhere.

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