05 May 2012

Plus One

First I need to say this is not my idea. I read about this last week after seeing a twitter link, but I can't remember where it was from now.

The article I read was from a mom who was looking for ways with her family to impact their community. What was born from that was the plus one concept.

I wasn't thinking about it when I went to the grocery store today, I just looked at the man sitting on the ground and asked if he needed anything. He looked at me with a funny look and laughing said Ya I need a lot of things! I just smiled and asked if he would be around for awhile and told him I would bring him something.

I did my shopping and before I went to the checkout I stopped and picked out a hot meal for him and some juice.

It was after I gave him the meal and was on my way I remembered plus one. Every time you go grocery shopping or out for coffee buy for one more. God will put the plus one in your path. It gives opportunity to show Gods love and compassion to someone who really needs it.

I am the first to say I really don't believe in giving out money because that can end up just going to feed an addiction. On the same note though if you were starving and struggling with other issues you can't focus on how to get off the street if your only thoughts are about how you will survive.

So stranger at the grocery store I hope you enjoyed your ribs and salad. I pray that you will find your way and that God will richly bless you, and draw you near to Him.

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