11 May 2012

Short Listed!

When I called requesting information about Habitat for Humanity I learned I had just missed the information session by 2 days. I was given an application form and told to have it in for last Saturday noon the latest. I had a week and a half to do it all and I had it in last Friday. I had noticed that the paperwork said to have it in for the 12th but I wanted it in as quickly as I could.

I figured that perhaps I wouldn't hear from anyone for a couple weeks while all applications were being reviewed. Wow what a shock to check my voice mail tonight and hear Betty Ann's voice letting me know I have been short listed!

The next step is an interview with board members of Habitat for Humanity. That will be taking place Monday evening at 7:00. Looks like these people are organized and don't waste time. I appreciate that, working with a non profit myself I know how slowly some things can move.

I have no idea what to expect at this next interview. Perhaps they will request more supporting documentation, or just try to get a sense of who I am and see if I understand the requirements of this partnership. I am most looking forward to having my questions answered and try to understand more about this process.

I'll be writing more about it as soon as I can!

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