13 May 2012

Weekend Fun?

First let me start by saying happy Mothers Day!

I was flying high knowing I was short listed for Habitat for Humanity and was looking forward to taking advantage if the sunny weather to finally stain my deck.

Saturday was going great, the deck has been stained and my son even agreed to get a haircut! How much better could the day get? My kids had even been wonderful enough to bring me breakfast in bed and have snuggle time with an old movie. It was brilliant.

Then just at the end of the day it all came crashing down. Poor lil miss got sick. She was embarrassed and didn't tell me so I didn't notice anything until just before I was going to go to bed. By then the dogs had dragged icky things around the house making an unspeakable mess. Long story short I was cleaning until about 2:00am.

Today being mothers day my mom had wanted to lay to rest the ashes of her mother. My grandma passed away in February this year after a courageous battle with cancer. This in it self is really a whole different story, that I will tell you about another time. I wasn't able to go with my family today because well I was on mom duty dealing with a virus. I'm sure Grandma would understand.

I received a call from Betty Ann confirming our meeting tomorrow which to my surprise is at my house. I figured no need to tell her about lil miss not feeling well as I figured she would be feeling better by then. What I didn't count on was catching it myself. It looks as if mister may have caught it too.

So while there is this strong part of me that wants to clean the carpets before I meet with the board for Habitat for Humanity (the people who are deciding part of my future) I am struggling to stand up without falling over.

Sorry habitat people, the walls won't be freshly washed and laundry will probably not be all done. I'm sure my home will look lived in by 2 kids and 2 dogs, I hope you understand.

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