10 June 2014

Atomy Probiotics 10+ Review

Did you know 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract? How crazy is that! So if you want overall good health I'm thinking you need to take care of the digestive system first right? Only for some of us that is easier said than done.

My journey with health and food started a few years ago. I was at work one day when I had an allergic reaction to something. It happens though right? Not a big deal, take some antihistamine and carry on. Only as the days went on I was getting worse. I think it was 3 trips to the hospital because I couldn't stop coughing trying to get air, my throat was very itchy and I looked like I  had a severe cold. For a bigger reaction it takes me about 6 weeks to recover with the help of multiple medications.

This is where I tell you how much genetics suck.My mom has a lot of food allergies / intolerances. A lot. As in no wheat, no carrots, no red meats, no just about everything. Really it would be easier to tell you what she can eat. I was 15 when she found all this out and went gluten free, you know before it was trendy.

So back to my little story, there I was desperate to recover from this reaction to I don't know what and realizing that my body was in a weakened state so some of those foods I was kind of tolerating, those were probably keeping me sick. So I went on a rice diet. Guess what I found out... gluten is really not my friend. Figures it would take 4 months to see an allergist to try to figure out what was going on and by then I was already gluten free so when it came time for testing for celiac I couldn't get a diagnosis.Who knows? It could be leaky gut syndrome for all I know. It is very hard to get a diagnosis because you have to stay sick to get the diagnosis and I was not willing to do that. Not when there was a solution for me.

I knew what I needed was to repair my gut. Years of consuming foods that I didn't react well to had taken it's toll and it was evident to me. I had gone so far as to download an app for my i-phone to track how things were progressing in the bathroom. (sorry tmi)

It was recommended that I take probiotics, enzymes and with any protein drink water with apple cider vinegar in it. I needed to change the way I cooked and the food choices I made. 

The cost to this was not cheap though. The gluten free probiotics were expensive! as was everything else. And the size of the pills were ridiculous. I really really really hate taking pills. Seriously. I am a choker. They do not go down well and I slightly panic every single time. OK sorry it's not slightly panic, I really panic. 

And then.... In steps Sue. Sue is a friend of mine and she tells me about this company called Atomy. Well actually she hands me a toothbrush set and said here try this, it's the best. Ummm OK. As we are talking though she mentions some other products including probiotics. My ears perk up a bit. It's not a pill.


My heart is dancing with this wonderful discovery. Here try one she says handing me what looks kind of like a sugar straw. OH MY GOSH! It happens to taste like a sugar straw too! YUM.

I should note tastes like a sugar straw but with only good stuff in it many many thanks to nanotechnology... No crazy fillers in this stuff and yes gluten free, I must have asked like 20 different people that just to be sure lol

As if that wasn't good enough, turns out it's cheaper than the big ugly horse pills I was taking! Atomy is able to keep the price down because they sell direct. No middlemen involved. Of course this also means you won't be able to just run to your nearest health food store to pick some up. You do need someone to sign you up, but unlike so many other direct companies there are no fees for joining. So you can just order from online, or if you prefer just ask a friend who is already ordering to grab some for you.

I am faithfully using these probiotics now and guess what, I quite happily deleted that app from my phone.

If you have questions about my experience are interested in trying some for yourself let me know by leaving a comment, I will do my best to get back to you right away.

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