07 February 2015

Oh My Shoes

Oh my shoes, how I love thee...

I have been away from the shoe filled dating world for a while, after breaking off an engagement I needed time. Time to do my own sole searching, perhaps allowing time to heal a broken heart. well and body. I made mention of having been in a car accident and the recovery process has been long and grueling, and honestly still continues. The reality is I think there was permanent damage done, which I still can't really talk about yet as the claim is still open. Though writing here has been a challenge because I have been struggling with the ability to type from the injury.

Let me start catching everyone up!

Once upon a time about 7 years ago a met a man whom I called ballet slipper. Didn't offer any support when I needed it. Perhaps in a lot of ways he has become more of a slipper to me. He is comfortable to be with but I wouldn't wear him out. He has remained lingering around the edges of my life. he doesn't know my friends or family and I don't know his and we are ok with that. We may text or chat and once in a while grab a coffee.

There was a day many years ago I would have been interested in pursuing something more with ballet slippers, but at that point he wasn't ready, and by the time he was I felt like that boat had sailed. Oh the poor boy didn't see it coming...

Imagine this, it's shortly after the engagement was called off, and in steps my old friend ballet slippers. He decides he wants to ask me out on a saturday, during the day. Oh how nice to live your life inside a tiny little bubble that doesn't include even the slightest thought of any little people or responsibilities towards others. I kindly declined at first, but then he pushed. He wanted to know why...

So i told him. I told him he just proved how we were at very different places in our lives that he wouldn't even have considered that saturday was my time with my children. Never mind the fact that it had been years since we had considered dating and that quite frankly that boat had sailed a long time ago.I also reminded him that I had just ended an engagement and really my heart was still on the mend and I was in no way ready for dating.

It wasn't long after that he met someone and was in a relationship for about a year. They broke up a few months ago and low and behold there he is again texting me daily. Nothing has changed really though. That boat has still sailed a long time ago, he just isn't my sneaker.

I have a few more pairs to catch up on so stay tuned to hear more!

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