29 August 2009

Mister did What!?!

Don't you just love days when your bff and neighbour come into your house and say to your son, "Why did you punch my son in the head?".

Our boys are 10 and thus tweens now, and it appears mine is having some anger issues. I am a non-violent person and am having a hard time understanding why he would do this. I want to say this is out of character for him, before this summer he had never punched anyone. This is now the second incident this summer.

The first was camping over the long weekend with friends when Mister punched an other friend in the head that he had known since birth.

It is disturbing on so many different levels for me. First where is this aggression coming from? I wonder if it's because his dad was supposed to come and visit with him for the afternoon today and cancelled. It's been about a year since they had a visit now and I know Mister really wants to meet his new little brother that was born this summer.

This of course leads me to feelings of guilt. I am shoeless. My son needs a father figure and the reality is I haven't been able to provide that for him. I don't know what it is like to be a 10 year old boy or understand the hormonal changes he must be starting to experience now.

As a parent I feel like I am failing him. I have never felt the urge to punch someone and I really don't understand why he would.

Why oh why would he punch them in the head!?! Mister is a big kid, bigger than a lot of other 10 year olds and he is going for a part of the body that could potentially cause severe damage. How do I get him to really understand that?

He very clearly was not interested in talking to me about this at all. while I will continue to be persistent in uncovering what is really going on, I have also put in a call to my big brother to take him out and have a few words with him. I also called old shoes, who of course was more than happy to listen to me verbally process everything and offer insight. Old shoes is a pretty special guy.

So for now grounding is in order as well as writing a couple paragraphs about why punching people in the head is wrong. If this behavior continues perhaps some anger management classes will be in order.

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JP Shaw said...

Mmmmm maybe said neighbor shouldn't have come over heh heh... I was upset our boys fought today. I know how gamerboy can be with mister, heart in the right place, but always insert foot in mouth to tick people off.

We went through this with Jake. Getting your kids to open up and tell you what they feel isn't easy but you are a great mom and I know in time Mister will come around, with love support and caring from those around him.


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